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Drupal 7 Видео уроки

Уроки по Друпал 7 для новичков.

Показаны только самые начальные возможности.


Drupal 8 Видеокурсы


Старт сайта.

Первые действия при запуске сайта и вперед шаг за шагом.


Using MailChimp with Drupal 7

This series is about integrating MailChimp with Drupal 7 using the Drupal MailChimp module (https://www.drupal.org/project/mailchimp).

It will help site builders and content creators create awesome email marketing campaigns and grow the number of subscribers on their mailing lists.


Drupal Bootstrap - Build a Complete Bootstrap Website with Drupal 7

In this series, we will go through together to build a complete Bootstrap website with Drupal to have a better understanding on how it works between the two.
This is a course for the beginner. Especially for those who are new to building Bootstrap website with Drupal 7.

However, I will expect you to know about Drupal installation and to have fair understanding about HTML, CSS and bootstrap framework, like the grid classes and columns. All of these will help you to follow along better and more beneficial with the tutorials.
At the end of this course, you should be able to build a responsive bootstrap website with Drupal 7 easily.

Drupal 7 Commerce Course

Learn about Drupal 7 Commerce in this Code Karate Course.

This course was created a few years ago, but much of it is still relevant today if you want to create an eCommerce site with Drupal 7.


Drupal 7 Views Module Tutorial Series

This series is dedicated to walking users through Drupal 7's Views 3 module.

It begins by introducing users to Views and explaining what the module does, quickly moving to more complicated concepts like theming, contextual filters, relationships and the Views API.

The series is geared towards beginner and intermediate Drupal users.

Building Websites in Drupal 7 Using Panels

In this first series of Panels videos on Drupalize.me you will learn how to use the panels module to take your Drupal website to the next level.
When you reach the limits of what Drupal alone allows you to do with it's layouts, adding Panels to your site enables you to create more sophisticated displays of your content.

Here are just a few things the Panels module makes easy: Divide the display of your content into multiple columns Place blocks into the center of your pages Use different layouts on the same page, under different circumstances Because Panels works with the Page Manager module in ctools, you get all the benefits of the page manager, as well as complex control of your layouts.
Page manager allows you to take over many of the 'default' displays in Drupal, including the display of content (nodes), profiles (users), category listings (taxonomy), and also the edit forms for each of these entities.

CMS Видеокурс

Систе́ма управле́ния содержи́мым (англ. Content management system, CMS, система управления контентом) — информационная система или компьютерная программа, используемая для обеспечения и организации совместного процесса создания, редактирования и управления содержимым, иначе — контентом (от англ. content).

Основные функции CMS:

предоставление инструментов для создания содержимого, организация совместной работы над содержимым;

управление содержимым: хранение, контроль версий, соблюдение режима доступа, управление потоком документов;

публикация содержимого;

представление информации в виде, удобном для навигации, поиска.

Создание сайта на Drupal 8 Видеокурс

 САЙТ НА DRUPAL 8  Двацать два урока.

Канал о создании сайтов на CMS Drupal 8 без обязательных знаний в области PHP, CSS, JavaScript. Видео-уроки, обучающий-курсы и многолетний опыт работы с Drupal.

Автор канала: Дмитрий Назаров. Работает в интернете. Вебмастер, интернет-маркетолог, блоггер, IT-специалист широкого профиля, партнер крупной сетевой компании.