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10 легких шагов к освоению Joomla 3

В этой книге речь пойдет о Joomla! 3.0, первой версии с краткосрочной поддержкой, относящейся к линейке 3.x. Линейка 3.x адаптирована к работе с мобильными браузерами и оснащена новым пользовательским интерфейсом.

Эта книга, состоящая из десяти глав, поможет вам освоить установку, настройку и обслуживание Joomla — то, что необходимо для создания и поддержания работоспособности вашего сайта. 


Joomla! Explained Your Step-by-Step Guide

This book was written for my Dad and for people like you.
I teach Joomla! classes all across the United States and talk with people like you who have tried to learn Joomla and other software.
They order books, watch videos, read online documentation, and go to other classes. Many are frustrated and say the same thing:“Geeks create this
training, and geeks don’t speak our language.”
So when I was asked to write this book, I wanted to write it in plain English. I wanted to write a book that my Dad could read, understand, and enjoy.
My Dad was a teacher and only took up Web sites after retiring. Maybe you’re in a similar situation and Joomla is a hobby for you.
Maybe you went to work one day and your boss said “Surprise! You’re learning Joomla.” Maybe you’re a Web professional who’s looking to make a career from building Joomla sites.

It doesn’t matter.We all want to spend more time building Web sites and less time struggling with complicated instructions.After all, the whole point of using
Joomla is to allow you to take control of your site quickly and easily.
This book worked for my Dad. He read the manuscript and has now built several Joomla sites.
I hope this book works for you also and that you can create Joomla Web sites that make you proud.