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Погружение в Google Go Видеокурсы

Смотреть: Программирование на Go

Смотреть: Go (Golang)

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Смотреть: Погружение в Google Go

Смотреть: Go

Смотреть: Научись программировать на Go(Golang)

Язык программирования Go

Структура книги

Мы предполагаем, что читатель программирует на одном или нескольких современных языках программирования, компилирующих языках наподобие С, C++ и Java или динамических, таких как Python, Ruby и JavaScript. Таким образом, мы не стараемся излагать материал так, как будто имеем дело с новичками в программировании.

Внешне синтаксис будет вам знаком, так как будет содержать переменные и константы, выражения, управление потоком и функции.

Программирование на Go

На сегодняшний день Go – самый впечатляющий из новых языков программирования. Изначально он создавался для того, чтобы помочь задействовать всю мощь современных многоядерных процессоров. В этом руководстве Марк Саммерфильд, один из основоположников программирования на языке Go, показывает, как писать программы, в полной мере использующие его революционные возможности и идиомы.

Данная книга представляет собой одновременно и учебник, и справочник, сводя воедино все знания, необходимые для того, чтобы продолжать  освоение Go, думать на Go и писать на нем высокопроизводительные программы.

Автор приводит множество сравнений идиом программирования, демонстрируя преимущества Go перед более старыми языками и уделяя особое внимание ключевым инновациям. Попутно, начиная с самых основ, Марк Саммерфильд разъясняет все аспекты параллельного программирования на языке Go с применением каналов и без использования блокировок, а также показывает гибкость и необычность подхода к объектно-ориентированному программированию с применением механизма динамической типизации.

Издание предназначено для программистов разной квалификации, желающих освоить и применять в своей практике язык Go.

Mastering Go

The book you are reading right now is called Mastering Go and is all about helping you become a better Go developer!
I tried to include the right amount of theory and hands on practice, but only you, the reader, can tell if I succeeded or not! Additionally, all presented examples are self-contained, which means that they can be used on their own or as templates for creating more complex applications.
Please try to do the exercises located at the end of each chapter and do not hesitate to contact me with ways to make any future editions of this book even better! 

Building Web Apps with Go

Welcome to Building Web Apps with Go! If you are reading this then you have just started your journey from noob to pro. No seriously, web programming in Go is so fun and easy that you won't even notice how much information you are learning along the way!
Keep in mind that there are still portions of this book that are incomplete and need some love. The beauty of open source publishing is that I can give you an incomplete book and it is still of value to you.

Go Web Programming

Using Go for web applications
So why should you use Go for writing web applications? My guess is, having bought this book, you have an inclination to find out the answer. Of course, as the author of a book that teaches Go web programming, I believe there are strong and compelling reasons to do so. As you continue reading this book, you’ll get a sense of Go’s strengths in web application development and, I hope, agree with me about the usefulness of Go.

Go is a relatively new programming language, with a thriving and growing community. It is well suited for writing server-side programs that are fast. It’s simple and familiar to most programmers who are used to procedural programming, but it also provides features of functional programming. It supports concurrency by default, has a modern packaging system, does garbage collection, and has an extensive and powerful set of built-in standard libraries.

The Ultimate Guide To Building Database - Driven Apps with Go

Congratulations! You’ve discovered the ultimate resource for writing database-driven applications in the Go programming language.
Using Go to access databases brings you all the benefits of Go itself, plus an elegant database interface and a vibrant community of users and developers writing high-quality, open-source database drivers for you to use.
What is Go, and why would you use it? Go is a modern language in the C family. It is elegant, simple, and clear to write and read, which makes it maintainable. It includes a garbage collector to manage memory for you. Its built-in features make it easy to write concurrent programs. These include goroutines, which you can think of as lightweight threads, and mechanisms to communicate amongst goroutines. At the same time, Go is strongly typed and compiles to self-contained binaries free of external dependencies, and is high-performance and efficient in terms of CPU and memory usage.

Go Programming Blueprints

  • Build quirky and fun projects from scratch while exploring patterns, practices, and techniques, as well as a range of different technologies
  • Create websites and data services capable of massive scale using Go's net/http package, exploring RESTful patterns as well as low-latency WebSocket APIs
  • Interact with a variety of remote web services to consume capabilities ranging from authentication and authorization to a fully functioning thesaurus
  • Develop high-quality command-line tools that utilize the powerful shell capabilities and perform well using Go's in-built concurrency mechanisms
  • Build microservices for larger organizations using the Go Kit library
  • Implement a modern document database as well as high-throughput messaging queue technology to put together an architecture that is truly ready to scale
  • Write concurrent programs and gracefully manage the execution of them and communication by smartly using channels
  • Get a feel for app deployment using Docker and Google App Engine

Go Bootcamp

This book is a companion book to the Go Bootcamp event organized for
the first time in Santa Monica CA in March 2014.
You don’t need to install Go to read this book and follow along. This book was designed to delay the setup process and let you evaluate Go without having
to go through the installation process.
All examples and solutions are available online in an environment allowing you to execute code right in the browser.